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Globe valves that look the same on the surface, but why the prices are different?



In daily work, you may received different price though for the same globe valve,non return valve,it because valves that look the same on the surface, main reason is that valves are produced of different level material and production costs.


Take a example, same type bronze stop valves made of material C83600 and C84400,the surface looks absolutely the same. Actually,C84400 is most common plumbing material, and C83600 is most popular plumbing material.

Firstly, please check the composition of both as follow:

C83600 contain 5% lead, and C84400 contain 7%, Lead is added to plumbing bronze to improve machinability and ensure pressure tightness.C84400 has lower rejected rate, besides C84400 with lower copper content, the cost of raw material C84400 is relative low, which two points enable the price economical and competitive for stop valves made of C84400.

In other side, from data of mechanical properties,C83600 is better than C84400,besides C83600 with high copper content ,it enable stop valves and pipe fittings made of C83600 better anti-corrosion and more durable in using.


So, you make decisions when you perchase activities, we suggestion buy according to your marketing position instead of only low price.